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Perfect is a lie

“Your life is perfect” they say
I smile and laugh
I think they’re foolish
How can they not see the tears underneath this smiles
Oh they haven’t noticed the cuts on my wrist n my thighs
They don’t seem to notice me at all yet they think I’m happy
Even when I stopped talking in our family gatherings, words were replaced with nods n smiles ..
The silence has slit the words out .
All the days I’ve shut the sun from coming Into my dark and cried the loudest yet no one noticed my puffy eyes in the morning
I want to tell them am sad but am afraid they’ll ask why
And when I tell them nothing they’ll think I’m crazy.. maybe I am crazy after all.
But when I lay down finally at rest please don’t cry for me
Don’t you dare disturb my peace at last.. I want Yall to say those words “rest in peace”
Cause I’ll find peace beyond than I’ll find here


Published by Team no talent

Clinging to talent limits to you, so does perfection, go beyond your wildest imagination and win

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