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Knife threat
She took the knife, she was angry
She wanted to do something.
No, wait she can’t kill anybody.She is just furious.
Angry at herself.
Angry for the love she gave wholehearterdly that wasn’t reciprocated.
Yes, all she did was love but it backfired.
She threatened everyone closed to her.
She wanted to be loved back,was it that hard.
You didn’t love her , you used her for your financial gain.
She is nothing to you.
You tarnish her image in front of your friends.
Did she stop loving you.NO, she kept on hoping.
Maybe this night she wants you to see her deepest anger. She brought out the knife threatening people not to get close to her. Did she want to kill herself. NO, She wants to kill you for loving you so deep.
She is pained!!!
You sat down one meter away from her surprised by her aroused anger.
You are startled and all you could say was. “She’s possessed!!!!!

Published by Team no talent

Clinging to talent limits to you, so does perfection, go beyond your wildest imagination and win

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