The newfangled average in our contemporary world. The prompt subject matter in these latter days. It has plunged us; you and I into this phase of disgruntlement and dissatisfaction. It as looted our ecstasy and felicity, our gaiety, and robbed us of our pride. Embezzled truce and left us jaunting in bewilderment.
And sequel to that, we, in our present dysfunctional state, have conformed to and settled with the upshot.
See, we have changed our alias to *Hate* and now sign autographs of rancor on our alter egos. We have become the object of acute aversion.
The degree of repugnance and antipathy, hate, increases by the second. We get mazy and convoluted with nauseating acts. All these, owing to the natural disgust and contempt that has come to us with pots of delusion, taking our hearts, cooking them with the coaxing heat of loath and animosity, malevolence.
See, I’m not talking about the white-black bigotry, no! I’m not talking about the anathema between the average dark skinned fellow and every non-African. I’m talking about a brother to brother joust. I’m talking about the consummate hostility between brother and brother. I’m talking about black, killing black, black, plagiarizing black, black, shoplifting black, black, cursing black. I’m talking about the fact that the average black skinned fellow has decided to dispute the fact that there is no joy in bloodshed, and that the only resolution is peace.



There’s a fire that burns within, a voice that screams so loud from within to be heard, a dream that can’t wait to surface, a burning passion that can’t be overlooked, an unquenchable fire that burns within. The fire seeks for attention but gets less,it cries out for commitment but is neglected, it patiently waits for perseverance but is being pushed aside ,it craves for passion, dedication and hardwork but it gets little or less.

The fire within are those ideas, innovations, ambitions,goals ,dreams, aspirations and hobbies that we continually despise and relegate to the background because we are not sure what will become of us if we let the fire within burn. But is high time we let go of those negative and pessimistic thoughts that becloud our thinking. It doesn’t matter what people will say, it doesn’t even matter even if they laugh at you and make derogatory and hurtful speeches at you.

Furthermore, look beyond what you see and patiently flame the fire that burns within with constant perseverance, hard work and commitment. People at some point will look down on you and will want to deem the fire that burns within but shut your ears to their hate speech cos when the fire start burning, it burns and consumes any obstacles that may stand in ur way.

So I say, keep the fire within burning, let it burn, let it become your driving force ,your speed. Awaken the flame and let it burn.

Shining light.

What if tomorrow never comes ?

I see people with a lot dreams and aspirations, people with great goals and visions for their lives, pple who care less about themselves but more about others ,pple with great destines and potentials yet untapped, pple wishing and hoping for the greater tomorrow.

But what if the better and greater tomorrow, the tomorrow that give a lot of pple hope to keep pushing, the tomorrow that stirs pple to keep believing. Pple cry, not because they are weak but because they been strong for long.

They tell us to keep dreaming big but I believe that a person can turn he small dream into something big, others say keep dreaming cos dreams do come true.

Let’s enhance every opportunity that comes our way and not hoping and relying on tomorrow. Al lot of pple procrastinates cos they keep hoping and believing they will do it tomorrow .
Further more, u hear them say, I will do this and that tomorrow

What if tomorrow never comes?
How would u have lived ur today?

-shining light

The becoming

As this wind blows against my smiling face
The tears refuses to fall down
Instead it slips sideways through my little dimpled chick.
‘Is this me’ was the repeating question echoing on my mind

I knew this was only the end of the begining
But all i could do was smile because i knew the begining
I knew how lost i was in this overwhelming truth we call reality
I was so inept and quirk with no special ability
Living in isolation for me became a normality

I smile for i see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I smile because i know.. It gets better
For at the end of tunnel begins a new reality
Staged with struggles and more responsbility
I smile for i know, It gets better through unwavering focus and fidelity
I smile because i know i will win!


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