Life’s own circus of emotions

As we go round and round in life’s own circus of emotions
We cling to our past sacrifices and the pain its sometimes comes with
As we hunt for the treasures our future has to offer
We get lost in the moments, whilst showing of what we dont have.

We the lost youth, think we would get found in the facade the social media gives
We the beautiful ladies, think we would get found in the picturesque facade our make-up brings
We the writers, think we would get found the likes, followers and recognitions our rhymes and poetry brings

Funny! It might seem ,but truth be told we are all acrobats, clowns and emotionally deformed entertainers in disguise.
Always trying to entertain or prove ourselves to life’s own circus insatiable viewers.
And sometimes we ourselves become the viewers



The generation

We are a generation
Where everyone seems to be going through frustration
A bunch of kids all suffering from depression
Though we want love, but we all be settling for attention…..

Troubled teenagers all getting in detention
We bad writers we’ve been texting without punctuations……

The problem here is we all think life’s a competition
So we tryna live life so we can prove shit to the nation ….

Literally everyone started off with a bad foundation
But we all need to live up and meet up to this great expectations….❤


Rising pheonix

Another sunrise, there again goes my night
Its time to save their world again
Just like robin and the dark knight
I am always constantly filled with all their wants
Its being so long i actually fed my apetite

Buried ideas, imprisoned opinions
resolves are casted aside, by closest companions
I labour to find my worth under constant dominion
And yearn for a time when I and my self worth
Would have a lasting re-union

Its time for me to make a mark
With this world as my painting
Its time for me to stop being the clerk
And then work for very own ideology
Its time the world stops being a jerk
And kneel before this rising pheonix

Dedicated to my very own side kick(SKID)

I am free

I am free
Free like a bird
I will fly
across the sky
I am free
Free like the air
I will blow everywhere
I am free
Free like the rain
I will fall and wash the earth
I am free
Free like the sun
I will shine
On the earth
I am free
Free like the water
I will flow anywhere i want


Shot by lee

The distracted wind

Am floating in the wind like a butterfly but it feels like I’ve lost my balance.
Swiftly is how i want to fly, but there are so many things working against me, even my mind is doubting.
The wind seems to be drifting from its actual course, which is the race to happiness.
Sometimes i try to remember, imagine rather on how foolish we humans are, although someone once said love does it all
“JUST FEEL THE RHYTHM OF HIS HEARTBEAT” and that’s all it takes to be trapped in the web of love.
I dont want to be trapped, because that web is not easily beaten and it doesn’t surrender to defeat either, i just want to control it and make it do my biddings but i guess love is no man’s slave.😄


Stoic writers✍️

Stoic writers, dusty notepads
Apathetic emotions, forgotten keypads
You have unstable foresights like wandering nomads

Your heart no longer listens, so poetry is kept waiting
Your minds seems to have sieze its constant debating
You think you are used to the pain, so you no longer care about the aching.

You now get lost living in the moments.
Give fake smiles when staring at the sunsets.
Lately Putting down what you feel is no longer deemed an asset,
Giving deaf ears to the echoes of your beautiful mindset.


Cherry blossom

Cherry blossom🌸 In my desolate heart, everything is cold and lonely.
In your sheen heart everything is filled with warmth and love.
We can’t collide but we gotta unite
All my shattered dreams is making me wearyI’m disappointed not at myself but at those who made feel like I’m worthless
Being me doesn’t mean I’m weak or I can’t react when I’m being trampeled upon, I just want to be remembered only for my good deeds and not the terrible ones, because I’m a tyrant monster.I need your beautiful heart heart to soothe my cold heart, sometimes I feel special because am not like others but sometimes I feel I’m missing out on all the fun in this life which is not a bed of roses but a cushion filled with invisible protruding nails and daggers ready to pierce your ass and get u F**ked up
I still need your sheen heart to soothe my desolate heart…..I’m a cherry blossom in disguise-pixie

Stolen butterflies

Hey, arent you tired of hearing those lies
You should be tired of moping those eyes
Pls stop being the one waiting for replies
When you know they are all assholes in disguiseRelationship! Where most lies start with ‘I’s
I love you…. I miss you… I need you, All lies
You give all your love, and end up with stolen butterflies
Sometimes, they even leave you with no goodbyesHey, you should be tired of mending your heart
But you wouldnt, you are such a sweetheart
You are kind, you are pretty, maybe not just smart.
You tell yourself this things, then again you venture down love’s path
Hoping this time, they would stay and not depart.Hey, keep trying, keep living, never stop being kind
For a moment hold the belief that love is not always blind
Love has been, and will always remain undefined
Venture into it, but never leave your wits behind.-mid

The river

The River

Float up the river like the sunset,
Taking my breath in your lips’ embrace.
Float up the river like the sunset,
Latching on the Earth by its face.

Take my life into your hands.
Let my words sway within you.
Take my life into your hands.
Let this ring be like morning dew.

Shine on, my love, in life and death.
Quiver and shake at my very touch.
Shine on, my love, in life and death.
I love the skin-fuck of your clutch.

Float up the river like the sunset,
Whispering sweet nothings into my ear.
Float up the river like the sunset
Drifting away like a log, with nothing to fear.

Forgotten promises

Forgotten promises

Hey hello! Please take a moment and be reminiscent
Take a dive into your past, but dont get drowned in it
Remember their fading essence
For they were once the love of your life
Remember the fun and sweet moments you had
Stop dwelling solely on their mistakes
Think about the smiles, the moments, the proposed future
Only you and them shared, and how possible it was.

Hey, Smile! its okay to forget the promises you gave them
Its okay to move on and find love which you deem true
It also okay if you dont forget the smiles and moments you shared with the ones you onced love.
For it is stupid to hate something you onced cherished

We all make the mistake of moving on to the next person
The next reader of our genuinely messed up story we call life
Then calling the last reader “our past or an experience”
Hmmph! Funny words from misguided minds
For only in moments can we find our past and the experience its comes with.

Hey hello! please take a moment and be reminiscent


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