Little decisions

Every turning point in a person’s life comes as a result of the positive or negative “little decision ” of yesterday and today. The big moments in your life are made up of the “little decisions ” you make. So, no matter how little your decisions is, just know that there are the deciding factor of your tomorrow; so make it count!

Futhermore, it is not those big decisions that places you at the top of your game but a little decision to remain at the top. Consequently, little decisions can either set you on track or off track, the more reason why you need to make them worth it as it can put an everlasting smile on your face when it finally pays off. So, everyday when you wake up, make decisions that will change the course of your life because the little decisions you make today can be the breakthrough you need for your tomorrow.

Shining light.

The stranger

Tender yet cold and hardened without humanity
Blinded by my perfection
I ignored your cry of ‘UNDERSTANDING’
Now you are an intimate stranger
That’s my Solo regret
Forgive me for the love I denied your soul
Forgive my perfection in foolishness
My familiar stranger
For I was indeed a friendly foe



HUMANITY!, your cruelty has earned you a degree.
The emotions and feelings that define your nature, you have traded for a cold heart.
The lullabies you sang for your infants, you have turned into mournful tunes.
For this reason i refuse to question Thomas Hobbes for asking “is society possible?”

Humanity!, Let’s reason together
Return the cold heart
let’s learn in unity the art of humanity anew.
Let’s sing a delightful song for the sake of our infants.
Let’s start anew, wearing our new identity
Bidding the old humanity farewell and embracing the change.


Beautiful facade

It’s strange how for the first time you always think you know someone, but then u realize that it was only a facade, because every one is a bundle of surprises with many troubles, different personalities, both cruel and angelic but it’s most appalling because you can’t seem to change the bad sides they possess.
But there’s a place that I know, its not pretty there, it’s full of shit and more shit, more misunderstandings, more hidden but visible demons ready to suck into good minds and most likely do what it knows best “destroy”
I’m not perfect, nobody is, we all make mistakes and we likely don’t have an inkling on how to manage our fears and keep it in check
I’m worse sometimes, I always imagine myself being a love fairy, shooting my love shots at those who only know how to hate and destroy. I give this love to others and I give less to myself, not because I don’t need it but because or maybe just because I’ve a heart of gold that’s icily glowing in the dark like a disco ball….and then “boom” I wake up from my sweet dream and into reality, into the dark light called “life” where everything is freaking real and every shit hurts….and suddenly u realize that, its not easy to love someone who is not ready to love someone else.


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