Lost in a timeout

Living in your embrace
Getting drunk by your smile
Eating in your silence, it always gives me indigestion..
Nothing seems funny anymore, my heart is iced..
I’m stuck on this parachute called TIMEOUT…
Sometimes i wonder why its called timeout, when its so obvious that the time never reduces the love but incredibly increases it..
I went to a river lately to cool my head, to smoke some tension out
To see if i can dive into that perfect memory we made while enjoying this lushing love filled with roses and tulips with red wine and chocolate, and vanilla ice cream with popcorn and pizza…but, its scary now, because they now taste like blood..i even dived deeper to see if there’s any sweetness left but i drowned at that moment,because i was high on obsession…be littled by your lack of attention..
I want out and i still want in, but its too late, coz i can’t feel myself breathing anymore….



Welcome to my community

Welcome to my community

Where pretence rules the land and greed is the order of the day. A place where people run away from the truth and live in fantasy. A community where those who you call your friends stab you in the heart. A place where loyalty, trust, friendship and promises are no more. A community where helping is a sin, where people see right as wrong and wrong as right. A place where sadism is their way of life. A community that needs healing before it comes crashing down.


Samuel the lost

Its was around middle june 2006, another sunny day just like it is today, “samuel the lost” as he was always called, finally caught a glimpse of the light at the end of channel. In that moment, his heart stopped, i mean samuel actually died.

Samuel N. Tompson was the first and last son of mr and mrs tompson, who had three other daughters. ‘Sammy’ as his mother would call him was very different from his sibling, he is one who finds comfort in isolation and would rarely look any body other than his family straight in the eyes.

Sammy was always found staring into nothingness and was frequently seen lost in thought , thats how he got his nickname ‘sammy the lost’ , “sammy.. sammy” his mother would always have to call him three to four times before he eventually comes back to reality then answer his mom.

‘Tope’ the far away angel who unknowningly had the off switch to samuel’s mood swings was sammy’s crush, we always see him at one corner smiling foolishly when she was around, even if he was very angry , we all know he would eventually gets to smile when he see lady T (tope). Enough about sammy, i also deserve a chance to talk a little about myself, ‘smiles’ my name is glory am the last child of Mr and Mrs thompson, yes! And am sammy’s favourite though he never get admit it. ‘isolation is bliss dearie , and the darkness is my favourite’ he would always reply whenever i stetched the idea of me being his favourite. I always teased him about aunty tope, that he should talk to her but he always finds a way to fly from the conversation like he was superman. Funny how he doesnt ever agree that he has a crush on aunty tope, even when he knew that it was very obvious. Well we have pushed into many failed conversations with aunty tope, but all he get to do is smile and stare at the floor. But i wasnt going to fail my big bro, unknowing to him aunty Tope actually liked him too, we girls know this things.

So, on that day ‘june the 12th 2006’ the sun was all smiley and shinning. Not minding that we were both sweaty whilst trying to run an errand for mum. Admist the beaming sun and our falling sweats, i caught a glimpse of aunty tope, i actually was the first to see her, i immediately made a bet with big bro to talk to aunty tope when next he sees her ,and to my biggest surprise he smiled and was like ‘okay i will give it a try’ not knowning she was just accrossed the road.

Oh! back the light at the end of the tunnel, i actually literally showed him ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’ just accross the road, it was aunty Tope actually smiling admiring uncle sammy whilst walking with her friends. There are no words that can really explain what happened in the next few seconds. I felt so wry and scared , because as i tapped him and pointed toward aunty tope, he became confused on whether to go or to just smile and wave at her, but subciously he had already started to cross the road, in but a flash the coming vehicle hit big bro down, and he was moving at all ,i started crying ,i kept telling myself “its my fault” .Thing went from bad to worse, when someone came to check on him and said his heart has stopped beating.

It wasnt funny , but i actually laughed finally when big bro woke up after countless mouth to mouth and chest hitting. Let me let in on a secret, the car didnt actually hit it was the shock of it hitting him that stopped his heart.
So my dear sister-in-law “thats how ‘sammy the lost’ heart actually stopped whilst seeing the light at the tunnel” . Please aunty tope (our wife) dont tell him, its me that told you this story o… The end


You trusted

You trusted
Your trust got broken doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust again.
There are good people out there you can trust, you haven’t met them just yet.

You loved
Your heart got shattered doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love again.
There are good people out there you can love, you haven’t met them just yet.

You cared
You cared so hard but they rode on you and you got hurt, but that doesn’t mean you should stop caring.
There are good people out there you can care for who won’t ride on you, you haven’t met them just yet.

You trusted
You loved
You cared and you got disappointed.
We all know that and you think everybody are the same but that is not the truth, you haven’t met the good ones just yet.
As you build your walls be careful to leave a window open so when the good ones come around you will know.


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