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Voice of fear

It’s motivating how a lot of people wake up every morning with a plan on how to chase their stipulated goals in life. No doubt those goals might be tough and challenging but they are resilient in chasing them and I must applaud their unapologetic minds in striving to become a better version of themselves.

Furthermore, people envy the dazzling light of others forgetting the fact that no matter how bright other people’s light is; you can only walk in your own light and not in the light of others. Consequently, the voice of fear cannot be trusted cos it only detards you and make you lose your ruggedness and resilient spirit. Your path may not be the safest, it may be tough and challenging but is definitely not the path of others. Walk in your own path and light no matter how long and rugged it is. Ignore the voice of fear that tries to control your mind.

Shining light.

Published by Team no talent

Clinging to talent limits to you, so does perfection, go beyond your wildest imagination and win

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