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Little story

Kemi dont do that, leave her alone already, she’s just 7years old. Bose said. ‘No, all this little girls of nowadays dont know how to zip up their panties for people’s boyfriend, babe forget oo na dem spoil pass. “Leave my cloth alone i dont know what you talking about” the little girl whines. Next time i see you with my honey Jojo,i go beat u black and blue, Nonsense!!!!. Kemi leave her joor maybe the girl might be his step sister thats why he likes buying her gifts to get her attention.
She woke up from her sleep “what an horrible dream, maybe they are right.maybe Jojo is just my step brother.
Mummy! Mummy!!! Am i your step child? Stephy asked her mom. I think its time to tell her the truth. Jojo told his Mom.
Do you believe in dreams?

Published by Team no talent

Clinging to talent limits to you, so does perfection, go beyond your wildest imagination and win

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